5 Advantages Of A Mobile Sales Team

It is difficult to surmise whether the latest technology is mimicking the salespersons or it has eclipsed human reasoning and empirical power. Whilst advantages of a mobile sales team, like speed, connectivity, and ubiquity, certainly play a crucial role in any industry. Sales always had an anomalous perspective in people’s minds, and the concept of selling has been with mankind for ages. Changing times have transformed the cultures and technology, in turn, also metamorphosed the sales mechanism. Salespersons are coerced to acclimatize the prevalent practices in sales.

The rise of digital technology is no different, as it has transformed the sales force to become mobile SalesForce.This new technology, the mobile sales force comes with loads of advantages. The concept has changed from where you work to what you use in the form of solutions, apps, and tools. Present-time salespersons are equipped with smartphones and connected with SFA tools which enfold complete office in their palms. Smartphones give sales reps a competitive edge in sales. Speed, connectivity, and assistive technology have changed the role of the sales rep.

Advantages of Mobile Sales Team

Increase In Sales Efficiency Of The Sales Team

Mobile Salesforce has the power to close more deals than non-mobile salesforce. SalesForce Automation Solutions reduces wastage of time of salespersons by eliminating non-sales activities. It dispels the burden of entering the data manually, searching the contacts and details of customers. Hence, they can spend more time discovering new opportunities and closing more leads.

A study by Innoppl Technologies found that 65% of salespeople who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM platform have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to only 22% of reps from companies that have not yet adopted a mobile CRM platform.

Discover New Opportunities

Mobile sales teams can streamline once dreary and time-consuming operations. It gives them more time to focus on prospects through the sales funnel and create revenue. It also gives ample time in uncovering new opportunities.

Real-time Information & Updates For The Sales Team

The biggest advantage of the mobile sales team is that immediately after meeting the customers, a salesperson can update the outcome of the meeting. The flexibility of the mobile field sales team gives you the option to upload any documents right from the field. The drudgery of entering customer data is restricted. It can even complete the formalities of deals right from the customer’s place. If approval is required, the sales rep can send it across from the field location. Hence, this information can be viewed across by the sales team instantly.

Shorten Sales Cycle and Become Ultra Responsive

Speed and accuracy is the competitive edge of Mobile Sales Rep. SFA virtually monitors the pulse of the customers and responds in the least possible time to customer queries and requirements. Consumers have high expectations of sales reps than ever before. Therefore, a salesperson can provide any solution instantly. This is where mobile sales rep plays a crucial role.

Access Crucial Information on the move

The Mobile Sales team can access any information related to the customer from anywhere and at any time. This aspect is very useful whilst meeting the customers. SFA is an Artificial Intelligent Sales Assistant which will assist the salesperson through the sales cycle.

Sales Cicerone

Toolyt, as leaders in Automated SalesForce Solutions, can make your sales process easy and seamless. It gives immaculate sales forecasts and insights. It tracks and transcribes your relationships with customers and competitors. This user-friendly mobile app is always with you when you need it most. Toolyt is an extension of a CRM system suitable for any industry. Intrinsic alters and reports to the management will give the prevision of the industry, happenings, and preparedness for better sales strategy.

Toolyt can be integrated with any existing system you are using at present. It is used by the world’s leading medical device and banking firms across 20+ countries. It gives a divine meaning to the sales team, it is not just sending emails and messages, it is far beyond that. Being a part of Toolyt’s journey is the first step towards success.

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