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Can Adaptive Selling Help The Pharmaceutical Industry To Reduce The Sales Jobs?

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the few industries where the seller, promoter, and the user view it uniquely. Firstly, a doctor’s perspective will be drug, disease, and patient. Secondly, the Medical Sales Representatives’ viewpoint will be more prescription of the drug he is representing. Thirdly, the patient’s point of view will be the disease, medicine, and doctor. This is where adaptive selling plays a key role.

Pharma companies use different chemicals to make medicines to treat a particular disease. Each doctor prescribes a different medicine for the same disease. Whereas for the individual patient suffering from a particular disease, only one medicine can be prescribed. Eventually, it is the discretion of the doctor to select the right medicine for the patient. Sales reps are the foremost influencers behind any medical treatment. You have to explain to the doctor the merits of medicine to treat a particular disease.

Increase In Number of Med Sales Rep Than Doctors

The number of Medical Reps is increasing faster than the doctors every year. Hence the doctors will be receiving more rep visits, presentations, promotional emails, and medicine brochures. Besides, it has intensified the struggle for market share. At this juncture, the role of Sales managers and management comes to the forefront. They have to determine which sales approach will yield the best results.

Each doctor is different from another, so also the sales methodical for each doctor. Earlier, the sales reps depended on the scripted sales pitch, but with the change of technology, the concept changed. With adaptive selling methods, the sales reps will be able to reach more doctors methodically.

Sales Pitch Doctors Like For Adaptive Selling

Doctors like adaptive selling methods. A fact observed through various studies and research. The scripted sales pitch adjusted little to suit the personality and behavior of the doctor has always been a great success. With this combination, doctors found med reps in the roles of advisers. As a result, this established a relationship of trust between them.

Prescription Writing Habits Of Doctors

With great efforts, the Med reps try to influence the prescription writing habits of the doctors. Consequently, it is physicians who are solely responsible for the prescriptions. You should adopt a different sales approach for each doctor. Should focus on the patient’s needs. Medical information shared with the doctors should be useful. So that the doctors can easily remember the drug while writing the prescription.

Adaptive Selling In The Pharmaceutical Industry

At present, some of the world’s leading pharma companies practice adaptive selling methods. They have reorganized their sales forces to minimize duplication. Subsequently, it created a dominative environment, so that the sales staff can be easily reduced. The adaptive selling requires lesser med reps because of the relationship built with the doctor and institutions. Companies have recognized this process is productive and cost-effective.

Method And Approach For Adaptive Selling

Doctors are busy, in their demanding schedule, sometimes they expect the industry updates from the reps. Apart from specialization, each doctor will have a unique approach to treatment. Some Doctors handle more insurance cases, and they would be keen to know the latest insurance policies. In addition, they will be more interested to know about the drugs accepted by insurance companies. Few doctors like to dispense inexpensive drugs. So for them, drug costs represent a concern. Some physicians prescribe drugs that are out of the patent time limit, as it will be more affordable.

Based on the doctor’s approach towards the treatment, you have to pitch your sales script. Recalling the discussions of earlier visits and recollecting them in the next visit will be appreciated by the doctors. Reps deliver the presentation to suit the personality and interest of the doctor.

Fewer Free Samples Given To Doctors

Med reps give sample drugs to be given gratis to the patients. But also, they do not impart sufficient medicine for the complete course of a single patient. So give sufficient samples for the doctors who pass on free samples to the patients.

What Doctors Dislike About The Sale Reps

Some pharmaceutical sales representatives focus mainly on relationship building. As a result, they do not emphasize medicines and prescriptions. So Doctors find such cases as a waste of time. In the process of building rapport, you distract other staff. You are too loud while talking to the nurses and other staff. Doctors like sales representative who does not waste their time. Or else it will be challenging to convince the doctors to write the prescriptions of your medicine. Therefore, sales reps have to keep in mind that adaptive selling has to be done very carefully.

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