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Optimizing Distribution Through Successful Channel Management

The prevailing problem of business organizations facing the challenges of tracking and monitoring franchises has become one common norm. Often, causing disruption and delay in the supply end. Keeping in mind the hassle buzzed by this complexity, the requirement of properly structured channel management is vital for any business.  

Always trying to come up with innovative and useful features for our customers and partners, Toolyt brings you a one-stop solution for managing your channels.  

Channel Module: One-Stop Solution That You Wished For!

First, What is a Channel?  

The channel represents chains of businesses or intermediaries through which product/ service passes to the end consumer or the final buyer. Acting as customer touchpoints, they play a crucial role in customer experience.

The main goal of the channel is to sell the product/service on the behalf of the manufacturers/ service providers. 

So, Let’s Get Into What Exactly Is the Channel Module? 

Channel Management is managed through an independent entity called the Channel Module. This module provides communication between franchises/partners, channel profiles, and activities on one platform, Toolyt. Thus, making it easier and simpler for companies in dealing with specific channels. 

Channel Setting & Various Types Of Channels?  

There are different channel categories that are managed in admin configurations. Differentiation of channels can be implemented or modified in the section under channel setting.  Every business organization will have separate divisions based on the business rules. 

It will mainly consist of three divisions –  

  1. Channel Types 
  2. Channel Categories 
  3. Channel Sub-categories  

1.1 Channel Types  

  • Channel types can be categorized according to the different business demands 
  • For instance –  A Toolyt user company ‘X’ wants to split channels into different categories from Emerging cities and Tier 1 cities, therefore channel category can be named –   
  1. Emerging  
  2. Tier 1  
  • Further, these channel divisions can be subdivided into sub-categories. 
  • These categories include – Region-wise distinction and Product-wise distinction (Depending upon the requirement of the business demands) 

How Will Channel Module Benefit You? 

The ability of the channel module to quickly configure with the existing system makes it unique and convenient. Giving you visibility and insights about your channel performance and activities.  

Not only does it enable you to understand which channels are performing better, but also what you need to change to drive productivity. Toolyt gives you this exclusive option of growing a high-performing channel and managing your channels with ease.

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