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Sales Intelligence – Enhance Your Sales Success Smartly In 7 Ways

So you want to be SUPER efficient with your sales campaigns? Then it’s time to work smarter. Smart sales persons rely on sales technology to outsmart their colleagues and competitors.

Get ahead of your competitors by using foolproof sales intelligence- it helps you better plan out events, track opportunities, and execute the right marketing strategy to meet the needs of customers. This is where sales intelligence comes into play and guides the sales reps to achieve the targets efficiently.

So, What Is Sales Intelligence?

Sales Intelligence is an accumulation of information and minutiae of prospective customers. Relevant data like the company details, nature of the business, issues, and problems, the decision-makers’ eminence, and insight of the company come under the purview of Sales Intelligence.

A Kaleidoscope of information will help the salespersons find, monitor, and understand the customer motives for business. These sorts of activities outside the business world might be labeled as cloak-and-dagger activities, but in business parlance, it is called Sales Intelligence.

Different types of tools, software, technology, and applications are used to gather customer information. The integrated and analyzed data will help the salespeople to find, follow up and understand the information of prospective clients. Sales intelligence gives complete information about the customer, right from the contact details, emails, and social network. It also has in-depth information like purchase history, current contracts, business objectives, and digital footprints. Salespeople are guided to the right decision-makers, with an appropriate time frame to reach. All this information is served to the salespersons on a platter. It allows salespersons to focus on companies using real time-data and interpretation.

Sales in the 4th Industrial revolution era is not easy. In the eon flooded with technology, only hard work and talent will not be sufficient, you also have to know your customer from the close quarters. When technology and innovation step in, the monotonous, tedious, and time-consuming tasks will be made more methodical and logical so that the salesperson can focus their energies on sales. The internet has changed the approach of salespersons towards potential buyers. It has made the salespersons more responsible, thoughtful, personalized, and intelligent.

Sales Intelligence To Enhance Sales

1. Insight and Foresight

Sales Intelligence is of immense help for salespersons, before meeting potential customers. As it gives a complete panoramic view of the customer, his needs, and requirements. This trifle but important step will take you a long way in building a relationship with the customer.

2. The Tango Lesson

The sales rep should develop an interest in technology and have the urge to learn it. They should keep track of leads and follow them and their activities on different platforms. You should also have knowledge of what stage a particular lead is in. Data enrichment activities help in identifying which accounts might be good targets and what are their areas of interest. This is one of the key aspects of sales intelligence that every sales rep should follow.

3. Reasoning & Real-Time

At times intelligent sales reps should rely on instincts to make good decisions. As a thumb rule, usually, the first rep who contacts a prospect is the one who wins the deal. There is too much data but not enough insight, in such a scenario real-time sales information will assist the sales rep in closing the sales.

4. Change of Guard

It pays to be focused, build a relationship and keep constant touch with your customer. When there are any changes in decision-makers, you will be one of the first to get the information. At the same time, you will also know who will be the next key person. This gives you extra time to build your relationship. It also conveys the message to the company that you are not just a mere contract renewal person but also a well-wisher.

5. A Change of Seasons

It gives an alert when there are any major changes in the industry. This gives you ample time to contact the customer when there are any major changes happening.

6. A-League of Their Own

It’s not just the massive updates or announcements you need to be aware of when it comes to building and maintaining a strong relationship with a client. Blog updates are just as important. You can learn a lot about a client from their blogs. Hence, keeping updated with the latest blogs by the clients or competitors is important to the factor of sales intelligence.

7. Post Sales Relationship

The relationship of the salesperson doesn’t end with the closing of sales. Sales intelligence will equip you with the necessary data and information about the customer’s constant touch and take care of their future needs. These few attempts will help in gathering more vital information about the customer and increase your sales. Conrad Hilton, Founder of Hilton Hotels, said, “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

Toolyt: Your Sales Intelligence Partner

Toolyt is an extension of a CRM system specially designed for Field Sales Executives. It is an Artificial Intelligent Field Sales Assistant, covering all the sales features. With the help of Toolyt. Assists in generating the leads, forecasting, and integrated sales planning. It gives you the panoramic view of complete solutions and insights which easily fit in your palm, as it is a mobile-based app. It can be your everyday sales intelligence partner to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Toolyt can be integrated with any existing system you are using at present. The aspiration of every organization is to mobilize the CRM and Sales Automation, proficiently and logically for the advantage of the company. Being a part of Toolyt’s journey is the first step towards success.

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