The 5 Best Mobile CRM Tools For Sales Reps In 2022


When you work in sales, business development, or account management, you’re always on the go. You may not have the time to spend many hours per day at your desk on your laptop. And, to deal with the daily tasks, information and customer records is becoming more and more important. This is where Mobile CRM plays a crucial role in managing your day-to-day activities with ease.

Although mobile CRM has experienced immense growth in the past five years, many organizations are still behind when it comes to mobile CRM adoption. Some are afraid of the learning curve associated with learning a new technology, while others are unsure of the benefit.

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But, What Exactly Is A Mobile-CRM?

Mobile CRM is an internal sales service that allows sales professionals from all over the world to access information from the cloud, wherever there is a cellular or Wi-Fi Internet connection. For a CRM to be a true CRM it has to be accessible by the sales team in the field. Sales reps can control their own CRM using their smartphone at any time, anywhere they like. The easy access to calendars, dashboards, meetings, contacts’ information, and up-to-date data that comes with a mobile CRM can help sales reps stay on top of the team’s activities.

So, let’s explore the five best mobile CRM tools for sales reps to guide them to ultimate sales productivity.

(Not in any particular order)

1. Zoho CRM

It’s one of the most powerful tools available on the market for sales teams looking for a CRM with features such as conversational AI, real-time reports, and real-time insights – all of which hold up on mobile devices. One of its most prominent features is the ability to record call details invoice notes, check-in at a client’s location, and identify nearby customers and sales opportunities. With its affordability and ease to use, Zoho CRM remains one of the highly-rated mobile CRM’s for sales reps.

2. Toolyt

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by the field sales representatives, Toolyt the mobile CRM can be tailored based on the priorities of your company and of any industry. Through intelligent feedback and insight, Toolyt can identify the strength and weaknesses of your team. Toolyt, as leaders in Sales Productivity Automation System, can help you in handling the sales pipeline more professionally. It helps you track customer visits, onboarding, lead management, collaboration with the field team, and many more crucial activities at your fingertips. This user-friendly mobile app guides you to complete the sales process with the least objections.

The feature of using custom KPI credits to analyze the efforts put in by your team gives a different dimension to sales output vai leaderboard and gamification. It is very affordable and easy to use mobile-CRM for field sales reps.

3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is smooth and uncomplicated to start with for sales reps. In the app, you can import your contacts from a spreadsheet, scan your business cards, or manually create a contact. HubSpot’s email tracking feature is one of its most intriguing features, which you can view under the activity tab of the mobile app or desktop experience. It also has a feature where you get notified when a customer or a client sees the document you sent. Also, enables seamless team collaboration from anywhere with real-time alerts, daily task assignments with accessible storage.

4. SalesForce CRM

As an industry leader since 1999, SalesForce has been top of the game for quite some time now. It gives a seamless transition from desktop to mobile application to access CRM data from anywhere for sales reps. It also uses the AI analytical feature to guide you to forecast the outcomes and suggest recommendations on daily basis. Moreover, they have a voice AI analytical tool that creates tasks, captures notes, and collects data. The ability to customize all the specific things in the app makes SalesForce one of the most preferred mobile CRM app for sales reps.

5. Pipedrive

The Pipedrive has a robust set of features that can help you keep track of team and individual performance, including a multifaceted search function and timeline visibility – all supported by an elegantly designed user interface. It’s very easy to use mobile-CRM. Using the mobile app, you’ll be able to enjoy both the desktop and mobile experience if you don’t need a lot of customization or integration.

Pick Your Best Choice!

All the mentioned mobile-CRM applications have their own unique traits to enhance sales productivity. But most of all, it actually depends upon the requirement of the business and integration of CRM to the existing system.

But if you’re looking for a flexible mobile CRM especially for field sales reps, then don’t look beyond Toolyt mobile CRM.

It guides you through the entire sales process. Hence, it tracks and transcribes your relationships with customers and competitors with ease. It is an extension of the CRM system suitable for any industry.

Being a part of Toolyt’s journey is the first step towards success.

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