Build High Performing Sales Team on the Field

Intelligent Mobile Assistant for your Relationship Managers

Generate leads via tele call or other campaign and assign to sales team

Sales guy makes visit to customer and sell your solutions (loan)

Check CIBIL and start collecting documents with OCR as well.

Push the data back to LOS / LMS and start payment collection.

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Productivity Suite

Increase lead funnel by >40% by streamlining leads from all sources into single mobile application.

Cross Platform

Available on iOS & Android


With KPIs and Gamification


Assign Task and Jobs


With Intelligent Workflows

Digital Solution For Automating Sales Process

Toolyt helps you to collaborate internal team such as call centre, credit team, KYC team etc. with field sales & Relationship Managers, in real-time.

Deep Insights

Have clear insights into dark areas and analyse how to reduce customer onboarding time or higher more customers without increasing resources.

Automated Workflows

Enable logical workflows to reduce manual errors and to keep on top or information. For e.g. Do now allow to move stage A to B unless KYC form is filled.

Structure the Onboarding Process

Let's help you onboard your customers faster and smarter.

Capture Leads

Auto assign leads to your team based on round-robin logic / your own logic or manually.

Approval Process

Take photos of mortgage or get approval from the internal stake holder necessary, without email.

Collection Data

Create customer forms (50+ form elements) and capture applicant and co-applicant information

Fast Onboarding

Reduce dependency, create logical workflows and make no errors. Push data to other tools after onboarding.

Reduce Onboarding time by 60%

By removing intermediate process and by reducing manual errors, you can reduce onboarding time to almost half. (one of our customers reduced from 27 days avg to 14 days)

"Use appropriate Technology tools as enablers. But it all starts by putting your customers first and creating a better relationship with them than your competitors offer.”

–Bob Thompson, CustomerThink Corporation


Looking to migrate from your existing solution ?

The Toolyt suit has the ability to handle enormous volumes of information at helping speeds and at a cost that is a small amount of what you pay today. It's important to consider the vendor as your own internal team, and it required quick and fast support and domain knowledge.

You can succeed with CRM by being SMART: Define a customer-centric Strategy; use appropriate Metrics ; ensure your organisation is Aligned with your objectives; Redesign work processes as needed;

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