Discover how Toolyt was able to digitalise Non-Banking Finance with 2000+ Field Sales Team and decreased customer on-boarding time by 40%

Decrease Onboarding time

How to decrease customer on-boarding time and reduce dependency

Realtime Data Visibility

How to analyse and understand what best sales people are doing and not

Increase App Adoption

How to make relationship managers to use mobile application, everyday !

Integration with 3rd Party

How to connect with the internal tools and provide real-time access to data

The Challenge

Challenges and problems faced by the Non-Banking Finance company

One of the leading Non-Deposit Taking NBFC of North India with a track record of 25 years in the business. They have been providing financial assistance to the customers with diversified products.

They had been using traditional methods like spreadsheet and diaries for sales process. Even though with the strong presence in North India and agriculture heartland of India the numbers were not proportionate to the queries and the brand.

There was no clarity on time taken to onboard the customers. There was little integration and coordination across the departments from Sales to Credit. There was no LOS and LMS in existence leading to delay in loan processing and disbursements. Practically there were no actionable insights for sales team. It had low adaption and conversion rate.

Key factors for deciding Mobile Sales CRM, user friendly which can be integrated with their present system. Sales Agents have to travel across different regions, so should have automated mobile solution.

Sales Agents should be able to capture customer details while on the move without human intervention. Generation of daily Geo intelligent visit route. Automated allocation of leads and KPI based actionable insights.

Management should get real time information to get the bird-eye’s view of the sales process

The Solution

Solution proposed by Toolyt team to increase team's productivity and reduce onboarding time.

The organisation was pursuing the solution for the agents, so that they can efficiently plan their visits and meeting with the prospects. Should be able to access the real-time information of the customers and sales progress, even when on the move.

Due to the digital transformation, the agents should be able to reduce the lending life cycle. With the paperless digital loan processing should be able to automated loan management system. Strengthening customer lending business management with Lending Analytic.

Mobile CRM should be able to collect sufficient amount of accurate data and for better sales analysis and accurate sales forecast. With auto transmission of data to different departments, even made credit collection should be a seamless process. Toolyt soon became an intelligent sales assistant for all the Sales persons.


Toolyt was able to improve sales activity, forecasting and reduction in sales cycle time. The impact was very positive on sales and revenue. It improved efficiency of the sales team as a whole. Daily routine sales tasks were automated to give sales people more time to focus on sales.

Management were able to view and analysis every stage of sales funnel. With automated reports the things were clearer and brighter.










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