TAT Analysis report

Run an effective sales organization through in-depth data analytics to know the time spend from lead created to the closing of the deals to reduce TAT & more closures.


Explore your TAT analysis reports to shorten the sales cycle & win more deals

Identify Sales Gaps

Detailed insights into different stages of sales to spot where the team can optimise & enhance the performance to close more conversions.

Monitor Business Health

Immediate access to TAT analysis provides insightful analytics about deal closures and lets you measure sales growth instantly.

Full Performance Visibility

Measure & capture the performance of the field agents in real-time to improve the turnaround time taken for every stage & deal closure.

Drive Sales Growth

While on the move!

Toolyt field sales mobile CRM enables you to accelerate your sales journey seamlessly, empower field agents to boost their performance and makes you sell faster & better.

Stage-wise TAT

View the time spent on each lead & opportunity at every stage of the sales cycle

Shorten Sales Cycle

Monitor performance & analyse where the team is lacking to reduce TAT & close deals faster

Effective Deal Closures

Assess diff stages and identify the sales bottlenecks to close more deals quickly

Improve Sales Revenue

Measure average time taken for deals to close to improve TAT & accelerating sales revenue


Let us analyse your current business flow and help you visualise the growth with a custom 1-1 demo.

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More Resources

White papers, case studies, webinars and other resources to learn more about sales productivity.